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April - good job on the run. Getting back in the groove eh?

Mern- binging? After all that heroism? What's that about? I know my last binge (that was the cheezies) was I had one. I wasn't hungry or tired or upset or cheezy was a trigger food for me. Abstinence (from junk food) is the only way to go. For me anyway. Glad you are back on track.

Hey Jenn great job staying on track despite whatever that was. Congratulations. Be careful of salad for lunch. That doesn't work for me unless it's got some protein. Otherwise I am too hungry by supper and make BAD choices.

No Donna my vision is no better yet. It's pretty unpredictable as to when it will clear up. Still not driving and living this weird life to manage work (e.g., staying with my kids, bumming rides from neighbours). Besides the inconvenience of it all, I am really missing the workouts because I have a routine that I enjoy. Oh well sucks to be me (kidding) I am learning things such as how not to boss my 17 year old around when he drives me .

Nice photos Mike. Really. Looks like fun. Are you still on for a walking competition when I am better?

Everyone else, nice work on goals. Most of us are just humming along huh? Or in Canada EH?

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