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Logged another 2 miles on lunch in 36 minutes. Not running but not too shabby for a fat chick either. It is still freakin cold out and getting ready to snow soon. It's very cloudy.

Hope...I work for the 2nd largest food distribution company in the US. Right about when I stopped posting I accepting a position in the credit collections department. It is a nice challenging position and I have a great group of sales people that I collect for. ... The kettlebell was fun. So far (only did it once), it didn't give me a full workout that I require to see progress. I will have another go with it tonight. I saw some half hour long videos on YT (fitnessblender) that should fit the requirements. It's weird but I need to feel sore after working out to know that I did enough.

Mike...I'm betting troll on that one. Oh and I definitely don't need coddled. I know there is no reason for what I have done to myself, again. I also know that there are many reasons to put an end to it now and get back to what I need to do.

Mern...glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back to your regular exercise. I plan to have healthier snacks available now too. I even brought a protein bar to work for this afternoon just in case I am really tempted by the leftovers in the breakroom. I did walk through two tables filled with food to go to & from my walk and only snitched one french fry so I call it a win and I don't even think I am going to eat that protein bar unless something really changes between now & 5pm.

Hubby is making chicken soft tacos for dinner and I am excited! We've never made them at home so hoping they turn out well.
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