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Just a quick check in.

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Mike, LOL--I'm a midwest Yankee through and through, but am only 8 miles from the Kentucky border. But as far as the "southern Ohio" oxymoron goes, we do have a lot of dumb ox morons here--and they ARE the opposite of the definition of Ohioans.
That's funny.

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
  • Workout > 30 mins x 4: Y
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 203, 122
  • Protein > 50 g: 52, 55
  • Sugar < (??? g): ~, N
  • Vegetables > 3 /day: Y, Y
  • Calories < 1750: 1283, 1259
Mern: Glad we can up with essentially the same work-around.

Cassie / Mike: Can you let support know there may now be an issue with the 'datepick,' since the Date and day forward / back selection links are not displaying on the Dashboard or Log pages using Firefox.

- Donna
great job on your goals. I'll bring your tech concern up, thanks.

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Did great all day yesterday again. Then had pizza for dinner followed by ice cream and two more slices of pizza. Kinda not a good end to a good day.

Bought a 8 lb kettlebell last night on clearance at walmart for $6. A girl can't pass up something on clearance right? So I did a workout this morning with it. It was the shortest one I could find on the fitnessblender channel on YT that I just love. It was about 14 mins long but I wasn't sure if I was going to get sore from it. So far so good. Will attempt some walking on lunch again but it is really cold and supposed to snow today. May have to settle for reading fitness magazine on lunch. Think I will do one of the longer half hour type videos tonight and see how that feels if I get some laundry done first.

Next 2-3 days are going to be hard food-wise at work. The test kitchen is in full swing with cuttings (taste tests) for an amusement park and our local baseball stadium. So you know what kinds of foods that means will be leftover and free for the taking in the break room all afternoon. Ugh! And I sit just around the wall (my back is to the wall that separates me from the kitchen when at my desk) so I get to smell what they're cooking ALL...DAY...LONG!!!
April, it's a struggle. When you fall, just get back up. You know I won't coddle you but I'm here to support you!

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
APRIL, WELCOME BACK!!!! So glad to see you here!!! Mike told me you were back but I wasn't on FD cause we were too busy with Party Gras!!!! Funny story about your friends and the ummm objects on the phone may appear bigger than in person... Mike can tell you my DH (cute that Mike called him that) is a BIG FLIRT but if he did something like that, he'd be parking his junk elsewhere. I mean his things, his umm stuff, uhh nevermind....
Good job withtht kettleball!!! I don't think I could even lift an 8 pound kettle balla t this point. Funny about the bargain...DD says I'd buy stuff I don't even like if it's on sale (kinda true.) What do you do for work again? You prolly said.

Hey Frenchhen, cute pix of horses.

Cassie, please treat yourself like the goddess you are.

Mern, I hope your back is OK.

Hey, Donna, Jenn, Jezzie. Where y'at? Mike, did I get that right? If I missed anyone, big hugs to ya.

Tori, cream cheese, cinnamon and Mississippi Mud, you sure he didn't also put a piece of fried chicken on it? I would say your Bubba is trying to sabotage your diet like he did to me with those chips (yeah twist my arm.) Those "chirrens" (did I get it right, Mike?) he brought to the parade were great, so well behaved and so much fun. His stepdaughter actually gave me a glass bead necklace she caugt that she said was like the original Mardi Gras beads they used to throw. A gift and a history lesson!!!

As for me, I have a fried chicken hangover. Yes I am not proud. After you left, Mike, DH and I limped home, had a fabulous HEALTHY dinner DH cooked (chicken and zucchini.) All was good until DH said "Let's go out." Nothing that much doing on Royal, Boubon was a ZOO, we ended up in a bar on Decatur. I had my usual one drink - we met a young couple who were very nice but getting HAMMERED. Since I am NOT a big drinker, I figured I need to soak up this liquor with some food and what better way to do it than fried chicken at 11 pm? Yeah, not a good example, I. Should I mention the jambalaya and chocolate too? Hmmm, yeah. I may not quite be going to hell with myself but let's just say I am going to N'awlins with myself and leave it at that.

On a GREAT note, DD and I had a fabulous talk. She was mad at me so would answer texts and FB messages but would NOT talk on the phone with me cause of something stupid I said in my effort to "help her" re her eating habits. Anyway, if you will allow a little proud momma braggin, she published her second article in the school paper, is editing an interview for her third, and is getting a poem published in a literary journal. Plus she got a callback for a drama production. And she's a freshman. Mike, what is the singular for chirrun? Cause whatever it is, I got me a good 'un.

OK that's about it except I must hunt for a scale down here. Maybe that will cure those fried chicken cravings. I could eat that right now for breakfast.
Yep, looks like you've got it all right. You seem to catch on to our ways rather quickly! You're getting better at the blaming, keep trying. Maybe Tori can school you some. Oh, cuties are different... you know dem chirrens don't know what theys talkin' 'bout

Originally Posted by sophierich77 View Post
Hey people!
Here are my goals this week:
1. gain 3 pounds
2. eat 2 packages of Oreos this week
3. watch 10 movies to keep me on the couch!
Would love support Thanks!
Interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on you and your "progress".

Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
Hey that sounds like my plan last week!!! Go you!

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
1) HAVE FUN - YES, YES!!!!
2) plan meals; yes and are you kidding me? It was Mardi Gras, nuff said. That last post was like War and Piece of Chicken 3) stay even remotely near plan, especially lunch and breakfast- yes and there was no plan but I was OK until those chips (Blame Mike 101)4) stretch EVERY DAY (you should too, Mr Mike) yes, yes
5) get back to meditation -yes and um I contempalted King Cake
6) water is the new beer, drink more= N, N
7) Have fun (however will I do that in NOLA?) Notice that is TWO of my goals!!!! I'm taking this seriously. See #1
8) Find a scale (do I even WANT to know?) N, N, I do want to know I think
Now you see why I think we should be able to log Mardi gras as exercise. It's tough work being a party animal. Tori was trying to figure out how to log "cooler dancing" because she said she stood on top of an ice chest dancing the day away.

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