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Gointto, I feel your pain...

I've been stuck 2 pounds from goal since end of October, and all the little tricks to fool my body to lose the final 2 doesnt seem to be helping me hit goal. Having to inject insulin hasnt made my journey any easier. BUT... I made a recent decision that the number is just a target, its not my end all, be all. I now have focused from being all about hitting an exact calorie number and scale number, to a more fitness approach. Working out specific body parts and stuff, to change areas in my body shape that I think workouts can help with. I will ALWAYS be a pear. I will always have big hips. I was a pear even when I was a younger, thinner me, and my thighs will always look like I am a speedskater, I cant change that. Look at any of my female relatives, we all look the same! But I can work at losing inches in my arms, and tighten up my calves and hopefully finally get rid of the flab around my stomach. That stuff is fat on me, but its not part of my body shape. And maybe, just maybe a few more pounds will come off in the process. Probably will. But I cant obsess about it any more, its counterproductive for me.

Its taken me 44 years to have this epifany. I've been on this latest journey for 14 months. I feel better now than I have since elementary school, despite not yet reaching my goal number. My highs have been high, and I've also struggled with some lows. But
at the end of the day, I am better than I was in November 2011. Better physically, mentally, spiritually. Some damn little metal scale is not going to define me anymore.

Acceptance is like a lifted burden for me. I hope in your journey you can soon find that too. We are all here to support you, because we all know how you feel.
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