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was up 1/2 pound last week, this week back down to my favorite number, 142. I think Im attached to it, like its my 3rd child! LOL

doing some crossfit stuff with some friends now, and incorporating more intense workout activity for the last 4 weeks. Without these buddies, I would not push as hard, this I have come to realize. I am not losing weight. But this more intense workout leaves my blood sugars a bit low, so I have had to up my calorie intake to about 1900 cals and add more protein to keep myself OK. BUT... I have noticed a difference in measurements, so I am excited!~ Scale is not going to be my end all be all! NSV - This morning I saw a definition in my stomach. THAT HASNT HAPPENED SINCE I WAS 19! (im 44 now by the way!) Wasnt sure, so I asked my husband, "What the hell is this?" And he said uh, its a byproduct of all those planks and scissors! Its not much, there's no 6 pack abs or anything, nowhere close to that, but you can see a flatter space with definition on each side. WHOO HOO JUST KEEP SWIMMING!
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