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Question Weight loss surgery diet plans?

Hi everyone. I have been using Fitday for 6 years, but have never used the forums!!!

Back in 2004 when I joined, I started Atkins, then went Herbal Magic, and after getting myself up to the 340 pound mark and not losing for well over a 6 month period despite doing everything right, I got gastric bypass 3 years ago. I lost over 150 pounds in 18 months!

Despite having had WLS, I managed to gain 50 pounds back and was struggling because of a non-WLS illness and serious food addiction issues. I started eating well again Monday before last and have so far lost 15 pounds, and am looking for others that have had a weight loss surgery that wouldn't mind starting a thread for support.

I am aware there is a lot of bias against WLS. So I am asking people out there to be brave and respond so we can have a little support for one another.

I have nothing but respect for people that have been able to do it on their own - I lost over 70 pounds on my own at one point, but was not able to keep it off. Turned out I had an oversized stomach - think 6'8" 300+lbs linebacker sized one - for a petite 5'4" female... No wonder I was always hungry!

As can be seen by my regain, WLS it is not a magic pill - just a tool: and rearranging your guts is not a decision I came by lightly - I had run out of options as my heath and co-morbidities had become overwhelming. I would likely have been dead by 40 if I had not had it, according to my doc. So, this was NOT the easy way out; it was my last chance. Sorry if I sound defensive - I have spent over 3 years having to justify my choice, I guess.

So, if there is anyone out there willing to jump on my bandwagon, raise their hands and provide support, thanks so much. Looking forward to 'talking' to all of you.

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