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Well done, you sound well on your way. I drink 2 green drinks a day, sometimes 3. I incorporate a fat so I don't get a headache eg: 1/4 avacado per drink. Another trick I learned from food combining is to never eat starches and fats eat a protein and veggies then if you want a starch just wait 3 hrs and have it then. I have lost 35 lbs this year doing exactly that! For more cool information just google, 'food combining'. Mixing starches and proteins/fats makes your bum/tummy fat!!

In December I bought a Nutri Bullet and it makes tough greens ( like kale for example ) into silk! clean up is a breeze when you just rinse the glass under the tap after using, super simple. It is my friend for life! I have 40 more lbs to lose this year and my Nutri Bullet is just making this really simple!



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