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Class is in session, if you've signed up for Blame Game 101, please grab a seat and take notes.

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
APRIL!!! Welcome back my friend! I think a lot of us are in tr "Eehhh" kind of mentality. Mine started around the same time yours did. About the time I realized that I was completely and utterly lost without WHN. I didn't gain anything until he got home though. I maintained within a few pounds, then started cooking all the stuff he likes....none of which is healthy. I indulged him, and found myself indulging too. I'd occasionally make those half hearted attempts to climb back on the wagon, but my heart just wasn't in it. I think what made me go AGHHHHHHHGH was when the scale started creeping toward 200 again. We'll get there. We've just got to pull each other along at times.

1--keep doing what works--pretty much
2--try to drink more water--not enough

1--get WHN's Valentine Gift--done!
2--spend time with The Jassimonster--no, had to wait on a UPS package
3--start working on the embroidery (didn't I make this same goal a couple of weeks ago?)--not yet

Donna-I inadvertently left you out my "who's missing". Sorry Your hitting it hard on your goals! Good job!!

Cassie-Goals are looking good! Keep it up!

Robin-Hey! I knew I could count on you for another week!!

Will check in back later! Ciao my peeps
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