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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Hi April

Nice to meet you! I assume from what you wrote and the response that you have been here before.
Yes, you could say I've been here before LOL. I used to be a regular and then I got lazy and didn't feel like posting anymore. I realize that I need to have something in my life to make me accountable besides looking in the mirror and seeing how flabby my belly gets instantly when I quit exercising and gain any weight.

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
April: Welcome back. Love your motto "If you start it, finish it." Though it does occur to me that that sometimes it's best to cut your losses, early! Do you have any weight goals, now that you're back?
- Donna
Yes, sometimes it is easier to know when to quit. No weight goals right now other than to stay off the scale until my body feels better. I know I am fat right now and there is no sense in stepping on the scale just to reaffirm that fact. I need a solid two weeks of eating right and doing some form of exercise before that scale & I can be on speaking terms again.

Yesterday was a good day. I went a little overboard in the evening with snacking but compared to my recent days, this was a good one. I ate healthy all day until the snack time and then it was healthy just too much quantity. I also walked 2 miles on my lunch yesterday and cleaned the fish tank last night after work. Oh...and put away some snowmen that remained out for winter decor from the family/dining room because we are getting ready for a big renovation down there. I'm excited for it to get started. Oh who am I kidding? I'm excited for it to be done!

I consider yesterday a win! Now onto today. I brought nothing but healthy foods for breakfast, lunch & snack so if I stick to my "eat what you brought" rule, all day will be good. Tonight may end up as a pizza night though because we have a mason coming to estimate our chimney that is part of the family room redo (woodburner installation).

Hope you all have an awesome day!!
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