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Default female vehicle of war

I'm gonna do the whole, "only you can judge yourself" shit. People judge, yes. People can influence you and pressure you into doing things, yes. But only if you know them.
What I mean is, the media has a lot of stuff to do with how every woman in america feels about the way they look.
Except super shut-in Omish folk I guess.
Try not to mistake the media with your social life. I got caught up in it and was freaking out for a good three years.
The media is a huge influence daily, but the truth is, it is not only fake, like photo shop erasing and painting, or people don't find it attractive. It is like an abstract art fad. It is amusing, but most men like a woman that looks like a woman, not a woman that looks like an anorexic minor with stilts surgically attached.
I honestly don't know if I have helped, just sharing my experience.

This guy reminds me of Keroro
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