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Talking Day 3!

Today's weight is: 161!

So far I have lost 3.6 pounds in barely 3 days. I can even see my waist shrinking. I have only had two smoothies today and it is noon. I feel OK. I have energy but I want to enjoy a meal. I'm hanging in there! NO EXERCISE TODAY!!! I just don't have enough energy for all of that. I will do this until Thursday which is Valentines day because me and hubby are going out. I refuse to drink a smoothie. I may resume on Friday. After this fast is over... I am getting a makeover from head to toe as a reward. I will stay active and eat MOSTLY healthy to try and keep the weight off. I realize that it is mostly water weight but if I keep up the exercise and a good diet.... I am sure I can keep it up. I have never done anything this CRAZY in my life. THIS IS NUTS YOU GUYS! I will finish it out and eat healthy and workout for now on.

See you guys tomorrow!
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