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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
One last thing... I hate to put too much of others peoples business out there, but it wasn't until after they invited me back to "their place" that her huddy said that he slipped some ecstasy in my food, but the odd thing was that he had the women on the parade route all over him. He must have been passing that shhhhh out like candy.
Nahhhhh, that's just DH's natural effect on women; how do you think he got me? And kept me for like 100 years? I hate to blow Mike's tough guy cover but he is a true Southern gentleman, extremely good natured, totally easygoing and a great "hang." And hey anyone who likes our food is OK by us. You BETTER come see us again. Don't make me send DH after you cause you know I'll do it.
BTW what is up with this weather? It is raining here. It aint supposed to rain on Lundi Gras!!!! (yeah like I'm an expert now.)
Hey Tori, now I see when you see in Mike. He arrives with pralines!!!
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