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G'morning and happy Lundi Gras my lovelies. I had the pleasure of spending the day with Hope and her hubby. They are really nice... they even fed me! We walked around the city a little, got beignets (Tori, that is been yays), had a taste of some pralines. We watched 2 (looked to be homeless ladies) flip out on one group of guys, stopped another group of guys and drank liquor with the, by the river, all before the sun went down.

Back to the food... her they're both really good cooks, he made a tasty fish dish and she hooked up the veggies and salad. It was a nice change consider up until that point I had king cake, more king cake, beignets & a praline. Good think it wasn't a cheat day!

We finished off the day with a parade. (Tori, that is a pee rade). We hitched a ride on the street car, not to be confused with a trolley. We found a nice spot at the end of the route. Had a really good time, met some really nice people out there... Which is easy to do when you're in N'awlins baby.

Overall impressions, they are a really awesome couple. A true pleasure to be around, extremely friendly. I hope I'll get to meet up with them again. (Tori, that means they a'ight for a couple a yanks!)
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