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Hey y'all! I just wanted to let y'all know that I haven't went MIA. I've done really good this week, even though I didn't make goals. In fact, I think by NOT making goals, I wasn't setting myself up for failure. When I was making set in stone goals, and I missed one it defeated me. Instead of shaking it off, I saw it as "well, I've already screwed that up, so what's the point in going on?" By not having goals, I just did the best I could...and I did really good! As of this morning I was at a 5lb loss for the week. Most of it was water weight, but it's weight that's NOT on the scale, I'll take any kind of loss I can right now.

I logged everything Monday-Friday (food and activities) and gave myself the weekend off. I'm pretty sure this plan is going to work for me. Keep strict thru the week, and then live a little on the weekends. This weekend was pretty calorie heavy. We went out for my Daddy's 61st birthday last night, and there may have been a small slice of cake that made it to my plate. A cake that I made!! From scratch!! I have to say, I'll probably never buy a boxed cake mix or can of frosting again. It's so much better when made from scratch. Today we had a traditional Southern Sunday lunch....meatloaf, rice (cause I didn't have enough potatoes to mash to feed everyone so WHN and I ate the taters for supper), mac n cheese, peas, and biscuits. The only thing that wasn't scratch made was the mac n cheese, it did come from a box..but only because I didn't have the time to make that homemade too. Next weekend isn't going to be as heavy, food wise. I don't think WHN and I are going to do too much for Valentine's Day. We both have to work through the week, and the weekend will be too busy to go to a restaurant, so we'll probably stay in and cook here. Which is fine by me.

Oh, and I did teach Mike a little too well with the blame game. I've told him that one day he might get as good as I am....but I highly doubt it.

Hope--I'm so totatlly jealous that you're there and I'm not. I miss NOLA way too much. Eat lots of yummy food for me!!

Mern--WOOHOOO 7 pounds is AWESOME!!!!

Everybody else--hope you all had a great week!!

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