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Wink Day 2!

Today I weighed in at 162.6

I lost two pounds!!! As miserable as day 1 was..I better had lost something!

No exercise today. I exercised yesterday and felt MISERABLE! I think not eating is strain enough on the body! I will workout for about 20 minutes tomorrow and every other day after that.

Today I have had 4 smoothies and will have one more before bed. I feel better and not really craving food and when I feel hungry... I drink a smoothie. I feel ok. It is just weird not eating any solid food. I do not think I will be doing this again.

So I'm still going strong. I had a baby in mid October 2012. I weighed 199 after delivery!!! My PP weight dropped and I ended up at 176. I did the fat smash diet and lost 14 pounds in about 3 weeks. It was an ok diet and then the scale no longer moved and start going up and down with my weight these last 3 weeks. I ranged from 162.4 to 166.6ish. Up and down and up and down. I just want to get to 140-144 and then can go up and down between those weights.

I want to lose AT LEAST 10 pounds doing this and then I need to switch it up. I may go back to the fat smash diet. I can not wait to eat again! OMG!

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