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Default Weekend Update

w/ Apologies to SNL for cribbing their title ...
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 582, 70, 98, 197, 30, 196
  • Workout > 45 mins x 2: Y, Y
  • Workout > 20 mins X 3: Y, Y
  • Calories < 1750: 1958, 1099, 1298, 1386, 1283, 1221
  • Sugar < (??? metric): N, N, N, ~, Hell No, ~
  • Eat Grapefruit: N, Y, Y, N, Y, N
  • Be nice: Y, ~, Y, ~, Y, ~
Need to get in that one more workout. Cholesterol may average out to less that 250 for the week. Good on calories. Pretty good on sugar except for Friday night. I guess I'd rather be half nice that half assed. At least I haven't been mean lately.

Robin: I agree. Mern is truly ingenuious when it comes to healthy eating, and an inspiration to us all!

Mike: I think it may have been Emeril Lagasse who started the NOLA thing - when he used that for the name of a restaurant. I don't really go for all that 'BAM!' stuff, but whenever I'm looking online for a good recipe, Emeril's my go-to guy. His recipes always work, even when I muck with them a bunch.

Hope: Wishing you a great time on your trip. Good luck keeping low cal!

- Just don't call me Jane!

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