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Robin, I'm glad you were all prepared for the snow storm, complete with food, a generator and plowing equipment. Thanks for your well wishes for my back. Feels the same as yesterday, so it's good it's not worse. Sweet potato fries sound yummy. The ONLY thing I'm doing different in my new program is eating a "fat-burning" meal or snack every two-three hours. I'm eating the same foods I always eat--just combining the protein, fat, and carbs of meals and snacks according to the author's guidelines to help burn the fat, except that I have to adapt it to the carb limits my doc and I agreed upon to keep my blood sugar normal without meds.

Jenn, thanks for your well wishes for my back, too. Best wishes getting out of your driveway and staying warm and safe in the snowstorm! Kudos on the exercise.

Jezzie, if you are here, hello and best wishes today.

Today's planned menu:

Breakfast: mushroom, spinach, and black soybean omelet
Lunch: chicken salad on a low carb tortilla, sweet and sour cucumbers
Dinner: ground turkey patty with barbecue sauce, brussels sprouts, broccoli slaw
Snacks: almonds, protein shake with flaxmeal, celery stuffed with leftover chicken salad, low fat cheese
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