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Originally Posted by Spookycheeseofdoom View Post
It's because we all know already that we should watch our calorie intake and output. Nobody wants to admit that they can't lost weight because they're too lazy to keep up with it. If you can tell them you did some weird plan, or had a trick, then they can tell themselves that if they had known your trick then they would have lost the weight also.
I think what makes things worse are all these diet plans now telling people how evil it is to count calories, when calories are what actually determines whether you lose weight or not. Then you've got these diet plans on tv saying "Everything you ever learned about weight loss is wrong". Then it shows people apparently chowing down on pizza to lose weight or something like that. So I think if people are gullible it's easy for them to get confused.

There's no real secret or special trick to weight loss beyond eating fewer calories and burning more calories.

There are ways to make that easier (eating fewer of the really good tasting foods we've been conditioned to crave and eating more vegetables for example). I'll be the first to admit that a plate of enchiladas tastes way better than a plate of vegetables but the first one isn't going to get me to my goals.
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