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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
even a mini-tri sounds like it would be rough!

Well today isn't going well (food wise). I just have fried catfish, french fries and cole slaw. It was sooooo good but I over did it. I blame Hope! I haven't met up with her yet so it's not like she twisted my arm but Tori taught me how to master the blame game. If Hope is down here, enjoying some of this great Louisiana food, I felt obligated to do the same!

Next week, when I feel sick because I ate too much king cake... I'll blame Tori. We all know it's best to pre-log your food but when you're good enough to pre-log the blame, you know you were taught by the best!
I am innocent. I had sushi for lunch. Some of it without rice, cooked but without rice. From Fresh Market y'all. Who comes down to NOLA and eats friggin sushi without rice? Moi, or as my friend Steven used to say moy. Ya gotta find someone else to blame, darlin.' (got my Southern on.) PLUS PLUS I been walkin til I'm ready to drop. Partying is hard work,y'all!!!!!!!!!
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