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Originally Posted by staceyalberta View Post
i always added more gluten when i used to make my own bread. my grandma told me about it & i just did it & would used 100% whole wheat & it worked for me. i also heard that in the states you should be buying bread flour as well. for some reason your flour down there is different ~shrug~ up in canada it doesn't matter so i've been told.
Ezekial is in the freezer case. A bit pricey but you must keep it in the freezer. It's only best for toast. Has no flour.
I will toast two slices and make a cheese sandwich using just enough cheese to make it a sandwich.
Then, put it in a lunch bag or place on a paper [not styraphome] plate and cover with a plate. . .plastic will make it moist.
Based on your oven, flash heat only a few seconds.
Figured this out. Then Martha got out of jail. . .she did this during her "cupcake days" for the inmates.
If you seed a tomato and watch your time that works, too.
Homemade bread with crunch/seeds very satisfying!
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