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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Barbara Jean, this Food Talk forum IS the place for recipes.

I agree with canary52. since you didn't find what you need yet in the Food Talk Forum or in this low carb thread (low carb and low cal don't always go hand-in-hand) the best thing to do is to open a new thread asking for people to share low calorie dessert recipes. I'll bet a lot of members would apprciate having a special thread for that.

In case you're not familiar with opening a new thread:

Exit this Low Carb Recipe thread and go back to the Food Talk forum and click on the button NEW THREAD. Post one of your own ideas/recipes to start and I'll bet you'll have some replies with new recipes in no time.
These are great. . .I need ideas! An old trick for a quick snack to satisfy my craving for apple strudle:

In a small pan heat unsweetened apple sauce . . . one serving. As it simmers add T at a time, low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese . . .If you have a Kroger, theirs is great. . .Off the stove add 1 Spenda and a dash of cinnamon or allspice. . .pumpkin pie spice. . .Eat while warm.
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