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Jenn, ah, I thought you might be one of the "Nor'easter" people. Snow shoveling is for sure good exercise! Stay safe and warm in the winter storm. Big cozy cyberhug to ya! I hope you do get help with your snow shoveling if you need it. I used to earn a ton of money every snowfall shoveling snow for neighbors as a kid. We have a lot of kids on my street, but I guess they're not into that. DH is still able to do some and our adult son helps out, too.

Robin, that's wonderful news that you have a clean eating and cooking idea sharing neighbor!

Donna, you might want to ask your doc how much protein he/she recommends. Doesn't have to be meat--I also get a lot of protein from cheese, peanut butter, yogurt, protein shakes, my low carb black soybeans... I was good yesterday on protein, but went over in carbs, but I think the nutrition counts from the restaurant's online nutrition calculator (Subway, but I deducted for the bread I didn't eat) were way overstated. My tomatoes were paper thin, like three shreds of onion, also paper thin cucumbers, etc. I decided to just let my FitDay nutrition tracker have the numbers Subway told me--it's just numbers--my body will know how to react to what I put in it no matter what my numbers are. Vitamin D pills do expire. My husband can take OTC vitamin D3 and his has an expiration date on the side of the bottle.

I don't know how much exercise I'll be able to do today or tomorrow. I twisted my back as I was getting out of the car too fast yesterday. I'll be fine--not severely injured and don't need to see a doctor or get therapy. It just hurts and burns on one side.

Foodwise, I thought of something I should be doing that would help me keep from eating too many carbs in the evening: prepare my evening snack ahead of time. A lot of times when I eat too many evening carbs it's because I'm too lazy to do the prep work or cooking required for my snack-- or don't want to miss parts of a TV show to make something that takes more than a couple minutes to prepare. So then I too often grab something ready-made and more carby. I can still enjoy those yummy snacks I planned if I fix it earlier in the day and reheat if necessary.

My planned food today, not yet logged, is:

Breakfast: Carb Master Dairy Blend (like yogurt) with protein powder--not too bad--saw the tip elsewhere.

Lunch: turkey and spinach wrap on a low carb tortilla, side salad with ranch dressing

Dinner: DH getting himself fast food, so I'll just nuke some fish with Old Bay Seasoning and have some broccoli slaw and black soybeans

Snacks: celery stuffed with Laughing Cow cream cheese or peanut butter, protein shake, flaxmeal, tuna salad
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