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do you eat at the dining hall or at home home? does the dining hall give you an option to take food home? mine did. They had little baggies for if you needed to take your cereal on the run, and always had fresh fruit. oranges, bananas, and apples are so easy to shove in your bag and carry around, along with these great whole food bars called larabars. carrots are easy too. basically- any type of whole food you can take two seconds to shove in a baggie and run. I know how you feel. I worked full time and went to Smith full time and it was really difficult. I did end up gaining about 50lbs there, along with the 30lbs I gained senior year of high school!!! I'm workign it off now, but I really wish I had stopped the weight gain earlier, or even worked some of it off when I had the chance!
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