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Originally Posted by RamseyOilman View Post
I am new... is there a guide to show how many carbs and the amount of sugar one should have daily. I am down below 1,800 calories, but not losing weight - and I exercise 4 times a week... SO thinking it is carbs and sugars...Any info is appreciated
Find out your average daily calorie expenditure.. Most important part.

eat 300 to 500 below that.

1 gram of protein per pound of body weight
.30g to .75g of HEALTHY fat per pound of body weight
Rest in carbs of any kind.

Btw.. most people (my self included) think we are burning a lot more calories in a day then we actually are. If you are eating below 1800 cal a day and am not losing weight.. it has nothing to do with carbs. It is because you are eating above the amount of calories you are burning a day.

eat less calories or work out more.. or do both

P.S. Eating less calories doesn't mean eating less quantity of food of course.
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