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Jenn, best wishes for your hospitalized friend. Stuff happens--sometimes despite our best intentions we must stray from our plans. It is important to do as you did--see where we could improve a little. Sure, improved energy is good, too, but it does get frustrating sometimes. Kudos on your blood pressure improvement. Wishing you a very productive March appointment with the dietitian.

Mike, I hope your pain level has lessened. Kudos on the short workout you were able to do. I'll just pledge my two miles today--that'll be good, but not longer. Best wishes on the upcoming half marathon.

Cassie, wow, nice committment to Mike for the exercise this weekend! Way to go!

Robin, great that you got in some healthful food for your stay. I weigh almost daily,too, because I need the encouragement, but don't let myself get frustrated over the day-to-day scale fluctuations. I go more by whether a gain or loss has stuck for two or more days. OMG, I hope you stay warm with the approaching -31! Is your vision improving at all yet? Wow, I'm impressed by your mini-triathlon in the spring!

Frenchhen, nice report! I don't get fruit in every day, either, but a nurse told me I can get the same nutrients found in fruit from veggies as well, so I don't worry about it. I get in a lot of veggies on a daily basis. You're welcome. There is more detail in the Diet Free for Life book about the serving sizes of various foods, but I do find the the ratios themselves helpful. The author considers most low carb (he calls them slow carb) veggie servings as one cup cooked, but I eat so many veggies I don't feel the need to have such large portions unless I'm eating only one veggie for a certain meal. There are different portion sizes for meats--lower fat cooked meats/fish like chicken breast and tilapia fish are 4 ounce servings, but meats/fish such as pork and salmon are 3 ounce servings.

Donna, nice reports this week! I think you told us before but I forgot--do your blood tests show too high protein in your blood or do you have to restrict protein because of kidney damage or is it both reasons? What causes your protein to be too high--like do you absorb more protein than most people? (I have the opposite problem with vitamin D--have to take prescription for vitamin D--a time release mega does once a week because my body won't absorb over-the-counter vitamin D.) Kudos on the workouts! I have to do low carb to manage blood sugar and low fat to lose weight and help manage cholesterol. If I had to do low protein, too, the only thing I could do would be to eat under 1200 calories per day. I'll take my restrictions over yours any day and count them as blessings. My sincere best wishes to you, Donna.
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