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Joanna, hope just gave some good advice. I was also obsessed with logging. Thought about food constantly and what you consume begins to consume YOU! I know how you feel.

I assume you are doing something like C2K? Besides that, how active are you? I know when I'm busy I tend to think less about food and "when can I eat again?". I can tell you think what worked for me was P90X. I'm not saying it's for everyone and you know that I'm the last person to try to push a product. If you have the time (about an hour a day), the money and IF YOU COULD STICK IT OUT for 90 days you'd be amazed at how quickly your body composition changes. Naturally, with anything, diet is always key. If you've ever considered P90X just look at some YouTube before and after pics, it works... BUT IT IS HARD!
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