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Joanna I don't think you are being melodramatic. It's how you feel.
I totally get where you are coming from. I have more energy lately (which is good) but like you I want to be thinner! I don't want to be the fat person in the picture. It's frustrating knowing I'm doing all the right things and I don't see that much change.

Mern I'm so like that! I wait until my Mom is out before I weigh myself because i don't want her to see the number if I'm using the Wii balance board. Yes, like your husband she can see that I am overweight. She knows what size clothes I am too. But there is nothing wrong with maintaining some privacy. I like to think I don't really have much when it comes to Dr appointments and such so I might as well do some where I can.
I was talking to my Mom last night that it's hard being diabetic and having high protein. Both are invisible "diseases". It's not something people really get. It's not a diet. I don't eat this way by choice.

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