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Joanna, if I can share what helped me a lot, here it is. I was logging all the time and I noticed two things: sometimes it backfired because I became obsessed with food (which admittedly is nothing new for me.) But if I just ate, didn't keep track at all, I gained weight. Then I found that if I planned my menus, using the logging occasionally to check calories and nutrients, and not being too anal about it (life happens), allowing myself substitutions, it seemed to work. I have been figthting the same 20-30 lbs for at least as many years and this is the first time in 15 years I've been at this weight. Of course, I am superstitious I shouldn't talk because I do tend to lose and gain. I might be back here in two weeks, saying I've gotta get back on the wagon. And everyone's wagon is different. I offer my ideas in the hopes it might be of some benefit. I like planning. I tend to eat better. I get ideas from others. And I feel better not only when I weigh less, but when I eat less.

Frenchhen, I admire gardeners; that's why I am glad some of my best friends are!!! (I benefit from the bounty.)

Mike, thanks for the acknowledgment! It means a lot!! I was thinking I would never get there. That my tombstone would read: just seven more pounds...

Mern, you and I are food plan soulmates!!!!

Cassie I try not to be on FB too much. I have even been thinking of shutting it down because it's such a time wasting distraction. Sorry abut the veritgo. DH suffers from it. Of course, DD and I tease him using airquotes around vertigo because we swear his is fear of heights.

Ama, I hear ya about the red. I like the green and orange!!! Green is my "didn't quite do it" color. I like the blue for "yes I did it!!!!"
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