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Default The Long Weekend ...

Wasn't that a movie from the forties or something? Epic food consumption, not just Sunday, but all weekend and Monday. But it's now a new day!
We got this! [I think the attribution belongs to Hope.]

  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 582
  • Workout > 45 mins x 2:
  • Workout > 20 mins X 3:
  • Calories < 1750: 1958
  • Sugar < (??? metric): N
  • Be nice: Y
Cassie: Sorry to hear about the vertigo. Had that years ago for a week, where I felt like I was falling off a cliff whenever I turned my head. Went to Doc, who said I may be Potassium deficient. That seemed to be a good diagnosis, because it cleared up w/ a dose of KaCl & lots of bananas.

Mern, I don't have a date yet for my next cholesterol test, but I don't think I'll be scheduling it soon. Too many stone crab claws for dinner, (6) plus assorted high cholesterol side dishes & chocolate. (If I'm gonna be bad, it better be good...)

Back to the straight and narrow for the rest of the week.

- Donna

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