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Cassie, I'm glad you couldn't trade in our group, either, despite the site's struggling to make improvements. Aw, I empathize with you on signing over the title of the van--so many memories attached to cars we've used for many years with the kids. I forgot--do you already have a new car for yourself or are you getting a new one soon? Super Monday report! Yep, you've got this! I have a Facebook account but rarely use it--mostly if friends tell me they posted pictures. Thanks for sharing your similar feelings about spouses reading our posts. It meant a lot to me that you understand my feelings--I view it the same as snooping in someone's diary or opening their personal mail from friends without permission. I made my apology to DH and then calmly explained to him again that I don't like his reading my posts, but THIS time added that it's a huge embarrassment to me that he reads my weight loss stats and private thoughts to my "weight loss buddies" even though my obesity is staring him right in the face on a daily basis. He said in an understanding voice, "OK" like he has so many times in the past. I'll just have to quit minimizing my post compositions and save them on NotePad on my hard drive to a place where he won't have easy access to them. He doesn't know how to do anything on the hard drive--just on the Internet. I'll also take my username and password off the description below my FitDay desktop icon and when I want him to see a shared cartoon, I'll show it to him from the cartoon's original website address, not from our motivational group. I can be in control of this situation if I'm diligent enough.

Darlene, kudos for starting fresh yesterday after bombing this weekend. If you had time to read the weekend posts, you'll see you were not alone. I sabotaged myself, too and my scale confirmed it, but I'm with you on the fresh start. I'm up a pound and a half from 2/1, so I'm going to finally acknowledge it in my signature. BUT WE CAN DO THIS!

Boo, welcome back! Being refocused and feeling more positive is a headstart on losing those 20 lbs. again and keeping it off. I have at least that much to lose all over again. Yeah, pop in as much as you can and we'll be here for you. Kudos on the wonderful goals you have! You have a fitastic week, too.

Jenn, my heart goes out to you on the sinus pressure. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Best wishes on your nice goals, too. Can you eat something before you go to the Valentine's concert and tote a protein bar or something in your purse that you could eat there to keep you away from the sweets being served?

Frenchhen, you don't have to put green stuff in your smoothie. Some people whir yogurt, milk, and fruit (like banana, blueberries, strawberries) until smooth like a milkshake. Adding a little protein powder is also nice. Your garden sounds great! I LOVE the taste of kale either raw or cooked. The flavor is somewhat strong--some say it's an acquired taste.

Hope, OMG!!!!! MAJOR KUDOS on the 128!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!! I got the exercise cartoon from my mindset makeover's Facebook page. I got an empathetic kick out of how you worded your goals this week. I'll bet you WILL lose those last three lbs. by April 26! What a nice birthday gift to yourself! LOL on our menus again today: both with eggs and sausage for breakfast and fish for dinner. Kudos on your 30 years of marriage. "Life sentence without parole." Hee Hee Hee
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