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1) stretch - PT
2) do the exercises the Marquis de PT gave me - yes see above
3) can I please drink a little more water!!! What is up with that!!! no
4) letting go does not mean giving up. So let go but.... Noyesnoyes - I had to
5) don't give up. Bitter is OK for some green vegetables, but not for me. - woke up bitter, went to sleep not as bad
I'm adding these:
6) plan meals
7) stay close to plan
8) lighten up, Francis (thanks to Anne LaMott for inspiration)

I'm adding planning meals because I believe this helped me achieve a mini goal - even through poker (a diet nightmare) dinner out (Mern, Indian food is very interesting) and the Super Bowl. I am now 128 (!!!!!!??????!!!!) for the first time in 15 years. True, I was sad and stressed and didn't eat as much yesterday (new for me because I ususally comfort eat.) But in total, since my actual start of FD, I have lost 18 pounds. I am hoping to get to the last three by my birthday - April 26th.

egg whites and sausage or ham (local or no nitrite)
turkey breast sandwich
fish and veg
dried kale

Mern, I am sure DH understands it's a touchy subject. 41 years of marriage!!! And I thought my 30 was a lot!!! I often joke that it is like a "life sentence without parole." Don't think DH loves that joke...
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