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Tuesday's pre-logged menu will give me a good food report if I stick to it.

Breakfast: scrambled zero cholesterol egg substitute with turkey sausage, protein square, coffee with non-dairy creamer and almond extract
Snack: protein shake
Lunch: Spinach and light Laughing cow cheese quesadilla
Snack: almonds and black soybeans with chili powder
Dinner: cod, sauteed cabbage, mixed veggies, raw green pepper or sliced cucumbers
Evening snacks: celery stuffed with chicken salad (with ranch dressing instead of mayo), another protein shake if needed.

I have to apologize to DH when he gets back from the store. I showed him the exercise cartoon I posted after deliberately scrolling down in such a way that he couldn't read my signature with all my high and low weights posted. Of course he can see how obese I am--I just don't like his knowing the horrid numbers. But after he saw the cartoons he starting scrolling down to read more stuff and I snapped at him that I told him numerous times my weight loss support group posts are off limits. His memory is not very good, so he probably just forgot I've asked him many times to not read my posts or NotePad compositions for our group that I have minimized because I'm not yet finished composing. You'd think after 41 years of marriage it wouldn't bother me, but there are still a few things I find too personal or embarrassing to share with him.
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