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Robin, I feel for you. I have had my priorities straight before, and believe me, it feels so much better physically and emotionally when I do. You can get there and so can I. Congrats on meeting your goals today.

Ama, thanks for the explanation of it being based on the number of foods. Makes sense now. Maybe I'll try to calculate what my percentage is. Gotta love Triscuits when I get the crunchy munchies...three ingredients .

Mern, I agree. FitDay is great; there are some things I could probably get better on another site, but I couldn't trade in this group. Glad you could snag a tortilla and get the rest of things to fall in line.

Good to see you, Darlene. Hope all is well.

Well, I am a little sad tonight. Hubby just brought me the papers to sign over the title of my van to do a (minimal) trade in for the boy's car (that is a weird, weird phrase for me to write). I took him to pre-K in that van, taught him to drive in it, and every baseball, soccer, and tennis game and match in between. Every road trip, every school's like losing a member of the family .

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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