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Ama I like your 75% goal actually - to me it just meant that of everything you eat, 75% percent of it is real food. I guess that could mean 75% or # of foods, or total calories etc. But to me it is a way of guestimating that you are on track with eating real food. I would like to do this, and have been thinking about it, but no commitment to the idea so far. I agree with Mern that it is a reasonable goal. 100 % real food would take a while to achieve if ever and, is it even necessary. So thanks Ama for your thoughts on this.

Caissie maybe someday a discussion of not putting yourself first? Seems like a familiar and common problem for us here. Putting everything else first, being a Mom, work etc. That lifestyle of sacrificing our own needs is constantly reinforced. And then we get sick. My 2 cents. And my struggle also.

Well onward with the battle. Met all my goals today.

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