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Cassie - The 75% is a number I came up with so that I could increase use of real foods while not depriving myself of everything. So the way I have figured it... out of all the food items I eat during the day at least 75% of the items should have less than 5 ingredients. For example, if I eat 10 different foods throughout the day, and if only 2-3 of them have more than 5 ingredients I would still count that as a Y. Soy milk for example has about 11 ingredients, but I put it in my coffee every morning, so I can still do that and not go red on my goal. Hummus (store bought) has 9 ingredients. Peanut butter has about 7. I hope to slowly replace these foods with brands that have less ingredients, make my own, or learn to live without them. But for now the 75% goal seems to be a challenge that I can actually meet... somedays .

But now you have me rethinking my own (convoluted) goal... maybe I should just allow only 2-3 food items per day that have over 5 ingredients, and ditch the percentage... hmmm. Soy milk, peanut butter, and a chocolate square for dessert would be the sins of choice most days!
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