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Cassie, when I agreed that Ama's goal of 75% real food was reasonable, I just took it to mean it was a hard goal to stick to 100% of the time, so her avoiding packaged foods with more than 5 ingredients 75% of the time is more doable and worth a YES or Y or whatever in her daily reports. I think most businesses do appreciate the feedback. I'm pretty sure if no one had complained about the new Xtreme Wellness Low Carb Tortillas being less healthful they wouldn't have changed the formula back again to something more healthful. I just thought it was odd the person who replied to us the first time said the issue was pliability--I didn't have any problem with that at all. I see you really did have a busy weekend. OMG on the 15 hours of rehearsal for district honor band! Aw, I hope DS's car problem is resolved. Glad you can do your catch up work at a normal pace. I forgot, what do you use in place of a blender? Luckily my "clippings" are just for kale so far. My spinach smoothies come out a little gritty in my food processor, but it's fine with me--still am able to drink it rather than needing to eat it with a spoon as I must do if I use kale.

Robin, nice simple goals. Great attitude in letting this ordeal teach you control and allowing yourself to ask for help. Wishing you well on your temporary vision loss.
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