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Happy Monday everyone. For all of us who binged in the past week (this includes my cheezie binge) let's dust off and a new week starts.

I am still not exercising (besides yoga) and I am now facing the daily struggle of finding a drive to work lol, not easy. Hubby drove me to a hair appt today, waited for me, and then took me to work, I can see him getting sick of this real quick. So this is my daily priority right now. That said though I am sticking to the same goals I have had all along:

1. cals 1200-1400
2. 1 green tea a day
3. Make a healthy lunch.

Weight loss is bound to be slower until I am back to working out. This whole thing is teaching me a lot about my need to be in control and letting go and asking for help.

Caissie- you drank a cold green smoothie! And sounds like you liked it. I am not convinced that it is an adequate meal replacement myself. Good for breakfast, and or a snack. And for me it reduces my cal intake the rest of the day. But replacing lunch or supper, no not enough for me.

Good thing you like the taste of spinach. I did some reading and either banana or pineapple are the best at hiding the "green" taste. That being said there is still some green taste, I don't think it can be entirely hidden. I have been experimenting on my own and todays smoothie was delicious: 2c spinach 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup each pineapple, melon and frozen peaches. Also, I blend the spinach (or kale or whatever) alone in the blender first with water and then add the fruit.

Best wishes to everyone to get back on track or stay on track.

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