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Anyone know if Great Value sucralose NoCalorie Sweetener is heat stable as is Splenda, so retains it's sweetness in cooking? It comes in a yellow box like Splenda.

Cassie, best wishes with your goals this week. Wishing you a more even-keeled week so you can get that monkey off your back and give yourself the priority you deserve. Aw, I hope your vertigo clears quickly. "Are you NUTS?," she asks the psychologist. Almost a relief to see Monday! Doesn't seem "normal." LOL I was tickled today to notice that the Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Tortillas went back to a more healthful formula. The new one is 90 calories, 5 fat calories but they say zero grams of fat on the label, zero cholesterol, 35omg sodium (that's reduced, too) 14g total carbs less 9g fiber = 5 net carbs, protein 5g (up from 4g.) The formula must be changed, but comparing my last package with the new one, I don't see any changes in the ingredients or in what order they're listed. I can say this, though--they're yummy and pliable, but I also thought that about the original recipe that they changed that resulted in nutrition facts you and I didn't appreciate. So they have redeemed themselves to me. I intend to email them my thanks as followup to my complaint of several months ago. Your smoothie sounds delish. I wouldn't mind a prominent taste of spinach in a smoothie, either, as I love spinach cooked or raw. Eye exam went just fine, thanks. I really like the mindset program so far. It has a fantastic online support forum and also a facebook page. I signed up for both just to get answers to questions through their postings, FAQ, and newsletter. Don't have time to post with FitDay and them, too--I get all the support I need from our motivational group here. I don't have any questions to which I didn't find answers.

Joanna, I'm sorry to report that I also had a really bad binge last night, too. I went nuts on sweets after giving my unsolicited blessing to group memebers who were under the weather or having Superbowl parties. I was in neither category but didn't even try to curb my desire for sweets--had 2 servings of chocolate pudding, regular store bought carb laden protein bars, and a snack cake. I had only a 1 lb. net loss last week, but it's a heck of a lot better than nothing. Wishing you steady blood sugar!

Ama, hi! I hope your modification to do "real food" 75% of the time makes it easier for you. I'm going to modify my sat fat goal to an AVERAGE of 10% of total calories and my fiber to an AVERAGE of 25g. Makes it seem it seem more like an eating lifestyle than a diet, doesn't it? So glad you enjoyed the potluck and please don't beat yourself up with guilt. Isn't worth it! Those two lbs. will melt away soon. It's dreary and cold in Ohio.

Mike, congrats on your loss and what you DID do to earn it.

Hope, glad you enjoyed the cartoon. I don't know who it was (maybe Cassie) who used the "I've got this" or "You've got this" last week, but it seemed to be contageous, so I thought I'd squeeze it into this week as well. Best wishes on your disrupted week and "modest (and yet huge)" goals this week.
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