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Mern, not only do I love the cartoon: I love the title of this thread!!!!!! As usual, great meal plan!!!

Cassie, I like your goals. I hope this week is easier. We gotta support you like you have supported all of us. Go Cassie!!! (me being your cheerleader)

Jenn, I think it's sensible to let go of the number for now. Good luck at the docs!!!

Joanna, new week, new start. Good luck with the blood sugar!!

Ama, sorry about the game but the food sounds great. I'm glad in a way that the Super Bowl spread my friends put out didn't tempt me. Unusual, I must say. Social eating can be so challenging.

Frenchhen! Good to see ya here!!!

Mike, hoping you stay.

As for me, this is gonna be a weird sort of disrupted week so I will do my best to be here. I will be checking in and out. My goals will be modest (and yet huge.)

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