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Default Obstacle #14

#14. I forget that this world is, as I navigate it, obesogenic, from what I can SEE.

I have to make the effort to notice that EVERY website that shows food, including diet websites, makes the food portions look large and luscious. I was visiting a diet website that featured a picture of pancakes, with some topping that included strawberries. There were at least two pancakes and they were stacked, they were not bare (they had a cream-type thing or a butter-type thing on top) and it looked like a LOT of food.

Now, it may not have been a lot of food. But the photograph was staged in such a way to make it seem so. That's just not real life, not for the me-who-seeks-to-slim-down. Every person or website or magazine or newspaper depicting food seeks to make the food portion LARGE, or at least appear large. This is the standard.

Breakfast in a diner: the food spreads across the plate like the map of a vast continent. A cup of soup looks like a BOWL of soup used to.

All of this has worked its way into my conscious mind. Unless it's the case of spending $20 for a minuscule appetizer made of smoked pigs' cheek in a posh restaurant, 'small' looks ugly and mingey.

I don't think I'll ever forget an elderly friend who told me of her visit to a young friend who worked in the athletic department of a college. In the morning, the young friend made blueberry muffins and presented exactly one on each plate, with hot coffee for the morning beverage. My elderly friend was horrified. Just one little muffin. You have to put out a platter, with an array of food, with butter!

I thought it was odd, too. Don't think I've EVER been served something that way at someone's house. In context, my elderly friend was slim, watched her calories, would never have WANTED more than one muffin, and her young friend likely knew it. But, but --- it was the principal of the thing!
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