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1) plan meals (seems to be working) - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
2) stick to plan or reasonable substitutes - ish, yes, yes, yes, yes had Indian food but kept it to a controlled level; yeah I had 1/2 piece of roti (bread) and a cup of rice SUE ME holding steady at 130
3) water, gotta do it, 6 glasses c'mon - yup, no yes, yes ? ?
4) stretch -yes, yes, yes, yes PT, yes
5) meditate (also working) -yes, yes small 5 minutes, had to run out to doctor, yes NO yes, no
6) practice Spanish - no, no, no, no, yes, no and I can't even translate Mike's message, Babelfish help!!!
7) write 5 days this week - yes breakthrough!!! class yes! done with one, onto next!!! not really, tried, gave up yes, no
8) do not get discouraged (health, writing, family, etc.)- trying, yes no discouraged bout a couple of things but trying... can't give up; gave up but am working on it yes, yes I'm back and met someone who might help me, one day or two of self pity not bad, right?
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