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hi everyone, I am new and just received the ETL book from Amazon. On Dec 8 I ordered the NutriBullet from tv, I guess it took a week to get here and my life has changed a great way! about the same time ( or maybe before? ) I saw Dr F on the Dr Oz show and was very impressed. when my Nutri Bullet arrived I started making green drinks for breakfast & lunch, and snacks and eating 3/4 veggie 1/4 fish dinners.

When I make green drinks I add Olive oil so I stay satiated, when I make a salad in a bowl I use olive oil & vinegar for the dressing..or balsamic oil & vinegar, delicious! I am trying to incorporate more fruits but manage well on a cup of mixed frozen fruits and one banana per day. There is much I can't eat because I get kidney stones, but I am learning what combinations work well for me. Romaine and banana, cucumber, celery and apple are terrific! the banana makes it creamy so I make 2 smoothies one after another and knock them back before my brain registers as too full

I stopped eating red meat a year ago, stopped wheat when I realized it was a major trigger for my depression and have been drinking almond milk for calcium. I do this 90% of the time since mid December and feel soooo much better!! I have lost 35 lbs in the last year just making changes in bad habits but this green drink "habit" makes me feel relaxed and strong and just plain better about myself. I want to lose another 35 lbs this year.

This is all overwhelming if I try to do everything at once so I am taking it in small chunks. I use 2 tsp of sugar instead of 10, big change! I hope to cut back on that but not until after Easter, unless it happens sooner. No pressure.

When I make toasted salmon sandwiches for my husband I just wrap the salmon in Romaine leaves for me since I don't eat bread, it is kind of fun and just as filling. I make a Dutch oven of chicken minestrone soup..I know it has chicken in it but we love it and I am gradually cutting back the chicken and replacing it with beans. Baby steps, but we are going in the right direction

I can't go 100% into this right away or I will bomb, and I know it. I am doing really well with all the changes I have made, I literally have made changes I feel confident are for the long term. I know I meant to mention a change I made to my green drinks was adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil so I don't get hungry afterwards, I do this twice in a row and it works well.

Looking forward to hearing about each of you



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