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That's hilarious about the corn Mern. haha.

You Mern on the superstar this week on dietary restraint. My gosh you are doing so good and it is paying off in your weight loss. So happy for you.

And, Joanna, on the exercise, good for you. The whole thing with the sugars and the appetite sounds complicated though. It sounds like your body is resisting. Homeostasis or something.

I laid in bed mostly all day, resting. Reading for work though so it was not unproductive. I can see normally close up. I could not resist the cheezies my husband bought yesterday and ate a wack of them. It's abstinence or nothing. Back on track tomorrow. No more cheezies in the house. He can have jujubes or something (because I hate them). It was very humbling to log that binge. I have never logged one before.

You were close Mern it's optic neuritis and it will likely just go away any day now. I always go no meds when possible. But if it lasts more than another few days I will go to the doc. I also have fatigue (anyone whose had it knows that it's different from being tired).I cannot wait to start exercising again. Taking it easy is getting on my nerves.

Welcome Jezzie fellow Canuck. So glad to meet you and welcome you to this thread.

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