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Ama, I'm glad to hear DS's eyes are doing better. Better to be safe than sorry, so it's probably good that you got another meds prescription just in case you did need it. This might give you a giggle--when my now adult son was a kid, I took him to the doctor when I noticed a yellow lump on his tonsil--thought it was a nasty infection. The doctor looked a little puzzled and stuck a long cotton swab in there and chuckled when he discovered the yellow lump he fished out was a PIECE OF CORN. I got tickled to read that you'd walk five miles for hash browns. I have to admit giving up the hash browns at the restaurant was not a big sacrifice for me--I'd prefer fruit anyway. But here in the Midwest, they always serve hash browns or home fries with restaurant egg entrees. Potatoes and eggs just don't seem to go together for me--maybe it's because my Mom never served us potatoes for breakfast. I do love that restaurant's biscuits, though, so that WAS a sacrifice.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend, too. Big cyberhug to ya!
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