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Ama, your reports this week have been spectacular! Keep up the good work! So sorry to learn that DS's eye infection is not cleared up. Ouch, also sorry about your loss of wages. I CONGRATULATE you for your restraint at Red Lobster. You are right it could have been much worse. I did the same thing but for breakfast today. I knew I'd be over in my nutrition tracker at the end of the day with a larger than usual breakfast, BUT I substituted zero cholesterol egg substitute in my restaurant omelet; substituted pineapple and cantaloupe for the hash brown potatoes; and brought home my bread for DH to eat later. Kudos on your control and restraint! If I just had a salad for dinner I'd probably binge eat later this evening. I COULD make my nutrition tracker numbers better today, but decided to just eat a normal, sensible, dinner that usually fits well into my way of eating. I think my body will be OK with it as I don't eat that kind of breakfast every day. Enjoy your chocolate. I put some chocolate in my homemade protein bars today and will enjoy that for a healthful snack later.

Robin, are you saying your eyesight impairment is just temporary? Does something swelled up press on your optic nerve or something? OMG, you are so sweet about the exercise. I go through spurts where I either love or dislike exercise and I must confess right now I'm trying to find something that works as effectively with a shorter exercise period--like the equivalent of 30 minutes aerobic walking in 18 minutes of cardio bootcamp. Best wishes for finding exercise you are able to do and enjoy. Wishing you as comfortable a weekend as possible.

Mike, thanks for your encouragement. I think my FitDay low is 207 lbs. , but I'm soon to hit a lower "decade" I haven't live in for a while when I get down to 219.5.

Joanna, you are the exercise SUPERSTAR this week! Great example for the rest of us. Have fun at the Superbowl party and go ahead and enjoy the food. If you do happen to indulge too much in the food, don't beat yourself up over it tomorrow--the Superbowl is just once a year. You're getting close again to your lowest weight. Keep up the good work! And, my goodness--major kudos on your 29.2 lb. loss!!!!

Donna, I forgot AGAIN--when is your next blood cholesterol test at the doctor's office? I'm hoping that with all the hard work on curbing your dietary cholesterol intake that you'll reap the rewards with way lower cholesterol. Really nice job on your calories! As always, thanks for your encouragement.

Jezzie, welcome to our group! We start a new thread each Monday, so be sure to look for the next one that starts with February 4. Looking foward to sharing the journey with you as well.
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