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I used to have an ED and I gained the most weight eating like you describe. (I'm 5'3'') I barely ate and when I ate a normal amount I gained..and didn't lose it when I returned to barely eating. That kind of behavior really, really messes up your metabolism. In fact, I realized my disordered eating was making me fat and that was what finally drove me to start eating more. I thought when I started eating 1,500 calories that I would gain tons of weight and that it would take forever to fix my metabolism but once you truly start eating enough on a regular basis it doesn't take that long for your metabolism to pick up. Once I got my metabolism up to speed (I continued to increase my calories above 1,500) I didn't try to lose weight for awhile. When I did, I cut my calories just a little and worked out with weights and the weight dropped off me without me being hungry! I like diets with calories spaced throughout the day and lots of fiber, healthy fats, lean proteins and some complex carbs. I suggest you see a doctor and a therapist. If they give you the go ahead you can begin lifting once you start eating regular amounts to build back muscle instead of fat. Remember, even if eating regular amounts causes you to gain a little-thats temporary. In the long run you will end up thinner and more toned by following a healthy meal plan and weight training program. (I suggest The New Rules of Lifting for Women). I ate just a tad less than what they recommend in that book and followed their lifting program and lost twenty pounds. Also, your second goal weight is really unhealthy sounding and scares me for you.
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