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StitesR, hi and welcome to our group. Congratulations on being down 11 lbs. Sounds like you will be a great example to US! We start a new thread every Monday, so be sure to look for a new one next week. Some of us hang around here on weekends, too. We jokingly call ourselves the weekend warriors. Wow--only 15 minutes shy of your workout goal is fantastic. Way to go! I still have to exercise today and tomorrow and then get Sunday off. We're going out for breakfast tomorrow, so I pre-logged. I'm going to be a carb or so over and I think 3% over my sat fat goal, but it won't be a horrible Saturday food report, so I'm going to allow myself to enjoy the breakfast. Luckily the restaurant has a zero cholesterol egg substitute for my omelet and it's so good one would never know it's not shell eggs.

Jenn, it's an 18 minute cardio sculpt bootcamp of which I could do only 6 minutes yesterday. My sense of co-ordination wasn't pretty, either. LOL Thanks for your encouragement. When I first started my aerobic walking I could do only 5 minutes. Now I can do 30 minutes. But I'll bet this new workout is going to burn a lot more calories than my aerobic walking.

Robin, is it your auto-immune disorder that's still keeping you down physically? I hope you start feeling better soon! I hope you really enjoyed those nuts. I love nuts but eat unsalted almonds. Kudos on your yoga! Big gentle cyberhug to ya!
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