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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Mike: I'd probably be more impressed with your bike pics if my Honey didn't have a V-Rod in our garage. Although, the composition is interesting...

- Donna
I guess I should say thanks. I've never been into HD's but I do envy the "brotherhood" the owners have for each other, what they do for the community, our veterans, etc. You just don't see that in the sportbike scene. I have a couple friends that went from a sportbike to a HD and love it and they were telling me I should get one. They also know that they were wasting their breath because they know me well enough to know that I like to go fast. To the average person, a HD may seem fast but HD doesn't roll anything off their line that comes even close to the speed and handling of a modern day sportbike (which is nothing more than a street legal race bike). The way a bike looks is all about personal preference. The performance or lack-there-of, is undeniable.

I can honestly say that I'll probably never own a HD but IF I ever grow up and decide it's no longer time to live life in the fast lane, I'd probably get a custom built chopper.

As for the composition. It's what they call HDR (High Dynamic Rage). It's actually 3 pictures taken at 3 different exposures. One regular, one over exposed and one under exposed, then merged together as one. It gives a better variance in color and brings out more detail. So my goal was to find a run down building for the backdrop. I figured the worse the backdrop looked, the better my Suzuki would look, right? The hard part for me is it should be done on a tripod and since I rode out to Mississippi on the bike to take the pictures, I had no place for my tripod.
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