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Jenn, I have not so good days when I'm low on veggies, too. Kudos on your workout.

Tori, 1956 signifies not much over 1800. Could have been a lot worse, so you deserve a lot of credit for effort. Aw, come on--how about just 25 jumping jacks as an exercise baby step? (Yeah, I'm a nag.)

Donna, glad to know you got the "all clear" for your peace of mind. Do you have a calorie minimum? Enjoy the Superbowl party. Thanks for your encouragement on my 21 Day Mindset.

Joanna, nice job Thursday. Keep up the good work! Hope you get the blood sugar regulated soon.

Darlene, thanks for your support on my food choices. The pre-logging has been a huge help to me so far this week. I'll join you in carrying the pre-planning and pre-logging through the weekend.

Mike, way to go! Best wishes on the one more workout and 10 more miles!

Mike and Hope, yes is an online translator. My GD did pretty well translating, too. She just didn't know the Spanish word for along, but got that Mike is helping Hope learn Spanish. Somehow she missed the plan to overthrow the government. LOL (FCC, Secret Service, and CIA--just kidding! )

Hope, so sorry about your insurance company hassle. How many PT sessions did Dr. SSP prescribe? Do you think his diagnosis of probable ligament strain might be right? 7AM PT--yuck! Kudos on nailing your calorie limit. Have fun with your poker game and snacks. Chocolate nibs pie sounds yummy! I have some unsweetened coconut--think I might experiment this weekend with low carb chocolate coconut tarts made with tortilla shells. Nice menu! Great that you are doing so well sticking to your plan. Squash sounds good--I might include that in tomorrow's menu--thanks. The preplanning is really helping me, too, but with this new way of eating I'm doing I find I also have to pre-log to be sure I'm getting the appropriate amount of protein and fat with each meal and snack.
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