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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I was depressed over insurance company hassle. Decided not to MRI my knee just yet. Dr. SSP thinks it might be strained ligaments which would require PT anyway so I am going for PT (at 7am yippee!!!)
I went to hell wtih myself (I thought) with the calories but I logged and it was only 1200 and change. So if I close the kitchen for tonight, I'll be OK. Mern, I love sharing food ideas with you and this planning has really been helping me. Unbelievably.
Babelfish sound interesting. I guess it is an online translation thing. Mike and I are discussing our plan to overthrow the gov't. KIDDDING!!!! With my limited vocab, we are just wishing each other well on our goals.

Ama, thanks, I am hoping to break 130 soon. Or as Mern says get into a new decade lol. It will be mind blowing for me.

Mike I had a dream we met in a supermarket near me. You were with a short guy with a lot of tattoos. You know anyone like this?
Soy un chico corto, pero no tengo ningún tatuaje. ¿Qué tipo de molestias que usted tiene con su compañía de seguros? YO podría ser de ayuda o darle algunos consejos. En cuanto a derrocar el gobierno, no voy a empezar porque yo no podrá detener. Tengo la tendencia a obtener fácilmente fired up y esta es una perorata que me trata de mantenerse alejado de aquí porque me gusta ofender a algunos partidarios Obama.
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